Build a Bookcase With Storage

A bookcase is an excellent way to add extra storage space and display your favorite collections. Whether you’re looking for a narrow or long style, bookcases add both function and style. They come in different sizes and can be used for many purposes, from displaying cherished items to storing bathroom supplies. To make them larger, pair them with a Billy height extension unit. These simple yet effective shelves are a great way to add extra space to any room.

To build a built-in bookshelf, you don’t need a workshop full of tools or a master carpenter. You can make a basic bookcase using plywood and a circular saw. Using laminated support pieces, you can create the look of thick boards while hiding the raw edges of plywood. Make sure you line up the bottom of each shelf with architectural details of your room, such as the window sills or doorway.

Using 1/2 trim to create a finished edge on the front of the shelves is a simple, effective way to add an accent piece to your room. The 1x trim fits snugly between the top and bottom supports of the bookcase. It is crucial that the plywood fits snugly against the wall and is plumb. Then, using 6d finish nails, attach the trim to the front of the bookcase. Finally, you can paint, wax, or polyurethane it to make it look even better.

Billy is an affordable bookcase option that will give any room a sleek, contemporary update. With its four adjustable shelves, this bookcase will be the perfect storage solution for small spaces. The Billy is also great for holding knick-knacks and other decor. The metal finish allows you to display leaning framed pictures and a potted plant in your home office. It also looks classy in the living room or bedroom.

Before buying a new bookcase, measure the space where you plan to place it. You’ll need to consider the amount of wall space available and the number of books you plan to display. Consider the size as well as how many books and decorative items you plan to put on the shelves. Then, consider the number of shelves you’ll need to accommodate everything. Once you’ve determined the number of books, you’ll be able to find the best-looking bookcases for your home.

Modern bookcases can help organize your home library and showcase your stylish decor. Slim bookcases can be fitted between furniture, and modular shelves are another option. If you have limited floor space, consider purchasing slim bookcases. You can even get slim bookcases that have LED lights or wheels. In addition, you can buy narrow bookcases that will fill up a corner, allowing you to place them in a tight corner or between pieces of furniture.

Standard bookcases are free-standing and have one or more shelves. They come in different heights, styles, and colors. Some have drawers and doors, while others come with open shelves. Then there are built-in bookcases that give the appearance of being part of a wall. You can even combine several bookcases together to create a larger system. You can also find a bookcase that has glass doors, or one with a built-in design.